Popcorn Time

April 3rd , 2014

It’s good to see the Popcorn Time app’s website back online after the original company open sourced the project and stopped directly hosting it.

I know it’s an app for piracy, but I can’t help but be impressed with the level of detail and beauty that was put into the interface. Other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu should really take note.

Popcorn Time

Atom - The Github Text Editor

March 10th , 2014

I recently recieved an invite to play around with Github’s new text editor, Atom, while it’s still in beta. I have to admit, I’m already enjoying working with it.

Although it is very similar to Sublime Text, the subtle things such as telling you which github branch you’re currently on, how many diffs there are on remote/local, and the built in markdown syntax are great.

Check it out below, or let me know if you’d like an invite (I only have a couple left).


Banner Saga

February 14th , 2014

I’m only 4 hours in and already I’m addicted to The Banner Saga. The viking-based RPG not only looks like a playable Disney movie, but it’s decision based gameplay actually matters in a game for once.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, incredible viking folklore, beautiful 2D artwork, and an unpredictable story (so far from my experience) then look no further.

The Banner Saga


February 5th , 2014

We simplify the process of managing medications through a combination of convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service.

Not only is their site beautiful, but the product itself seems wonderful. Not long ago I was complaining about companies no longer designing products that serve a purpose and help people - PillPack is the first to impress me in a while.


Big Gulp

February 4th , 2014

I’ve been using Grunt for so long (even though it’s still relatively new) that I never thought a solid competitor that could potentially take it’s place would pop up. This is where Gulp comes in. I haven’t had a chance to test it out on any real-world projects, but a handful of Node developers are apparently swearing by it - see here.

Check out Gulp - and let me know if you too think it’s a Grunt show-stopper.