November 28, 2016

Herman Miller in NYC

Herman Miller

I’m a sucker for gorgeous storefronts and Herman Miller’s flagship location in NYC is no exception.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Check out the whole overview (with more pictures): Design-Milk

October 19, 2016

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite


As a huge fan of the manga series Berserk by Kentaro Miura, I’m always interested in how this medium can be viewed digitally. The Kindle always seemed like a good way to read your collection of manga, but storage space and loading speeds proved problematic - until now.

Amazon has released the Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model’ which ships with 32GB of storage (can hold up to 700 manga) and boosts the page turning speed by 33%. Even if you’re not a fan of manga or comics, you have to admit this is an impressive product for only $157(USD). Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan.

I will be patiently waiting until it releases to North America.

Kindle Paperwhite

September 27, 2016

iOS: Development journey

I’ve wanted to learn Swift for a long time. I’ve wanted to deep dive into designing for iOS specifically. Mostly - I’ve wanted to make an app.

After pushing off the idea time and time again, I’m finally making myself follow through with it. I’ve picked up an amazing (so far) course by Devslopes that already has me deep into building my first basic app.

iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional

I will try to post back here regularly about anything interesting (whether it be bugs, design issues, fast facts) I come across while building my app. If I feel there is enough time after completing, I may even write up a step-by-step guide exposing my journey in iOS development.

:) Wish me luck!

September 12, 2016

Export More - a Sketch plugin

I recently came across this nifty export plugin for Sketch: Export More.

This plugin adds support for Apple Icon Image ( .icns ) and Animated GIF ( .gif ) file formats. Handy!

Export More

August 26, 2016

You should be using date & time input types

If you scour the internet for date and time pickers, you’ll probably find hundreds of plugins and/or hacks to solve this problem’. Let me save you time - don’t use plugins or hacks.

You should using time and date input types.

By doing the following, you instantly add support for date and time pickers on all (well mostly all) devices and operating systems:

<input type="time" placeholder="12:00am">
<input type="date" placeholder=“2016-10-10">

Check it out in action below: (Check it on other devices too!)

See the Pen mEkKbK by Bradley Taunt (@bradleytaunt) on CodePen.

One small caveat

The one issue you may notice with this approach is that the input placeholder attributes are no longer visible. This is sad indeed. Thankfully there is a workaround!

See the Pen Default date/time input types (placeholder visible) by Bradley Taunt (@bradleytaunt) on CodePen.

August 23, 2016

Blogging with Blot

I came across this incredibly beautiful and simple blog’ platform today and it’s name is Blot. And yes - I’m using it for my site.

Why the switch?

I’ve been looking to update my personal site for some time now, and getting back into writing (poorly might I add) was something I wanted at the forefront. But every time I thought about what platform I’d develop with - I would spiral into depression. So I decided to make a simple list of what I needed for my site:

  1. An easy way for me to post anything
  2. No database management
  3. Simple templates/theme design
  4. RSS feed
  5. Search function (bonus)
  6. Low cost

What Blot offers:

  1. Simple Dropbox folder integration (drag and drop posting)
  2. No database
  3. Easy to customize styling
  4. RSS feed
  5. Search function
  6. $20 a year

Writing inspiration returns

Blot has actually made the process of getting back into writing much easier since I can remove all the headaches of syncing/git-pushing with Jekyll or massive/clunky CMS systems like WordPress. This could be start of something great (or in my case fairly decent).

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