February 8, 2017

Mark Simonson Introduces Proxima Soft

Proxima Soft

Proxima Nova is a go-to fallback for me when throwing together mockups and design studies. It’s quite stunning.

So, when I heard that Mark Simonson (creator of Proxmia Nova) released a soft’ version, I couldn’t wait to play around with it.

Some quick facts about this new typeface:

  • Same 48 weights/styles as Proxima Nova
  • Same language coverage (including Greek and Cyrillic)
  • Same alternate characters (a, l, y, G, 1, 0)
  • Proportional and tabular figures
  • Fraction support
  • Ordinal support
  • Case sensitive forms

Check it out for yourself: Proxima Soft

January 30, 2017

Amazon Testing Sans-Serif Typeface Ember’

Amazon typeface

Recently saw this mentioned on Designer News. I have to admit, it looks pretty slick and could be a nice UI refresh for them.

January 6, 2017

CSS-Tricks Redesign v15

Chris Coyier (and team) have done a wonderful redesign over at CSS-Tricks. I think the the animated SVG headers and footers are absolutely wonderful.

Check out their detailed post about all the changes:

Redesign v15 Notes

December 16, 2016

Astroneer: beautiful interface design

I was originally interested in System Era’s indie game Astroneer after watching early alpha gameplay and a handful of trailers. The concept of exploring procedurally generated planets, building a space base and crafting items in a gorgeous polygon-style universe, grabbed my attention immediately.

But it wasn’t until jumping in and playing the game myself that I started to realize how well the user interface was designed.

Taking notes from another Space

It’s hard to argue that Arstoneer’s HUD elements aren’t inspired from EAs Dead Space. This isn’t a bad thing - it’s wonderful actually. Dead Space did a wonderful job of removing UI clutter, thrusting the player into the world and creating a better sense of atmosphere. The same can be said for Astroneer.

Your character’s power and oxygen levels are shown on your backpack at all times. This allows the player to take in the beautiful environment without a stack of gaudy status bars positioned in a corner of the screen. Toggling this backpack to view stored items presents a wonderful animation where the backpack spins off and zooms in for quick access to it’s contents.

Having all of this information and content on the character’s backpack just makes sense. It creates the feeling of a true explorer and works with immersing the player into the game.


Crafting is simple

Far too often many indie survival/crafting games use overly complex UI screens for building and creating (which is the main objective in most of these games). Again, Astroneer excels at it’s approach on the crafting experience.

Building and growing your space base is as easy as: seeing the placeholder material to make said object (with accompanying text) and then placing that material into the placeholder UI. I know this sounds ridiculously stupid to point out - but you’d be amazed how may games fail to make it this simple.

Not without bugs

Of course, the game itself isn’t 100% perfect, though this is to be expected since the game is in early access. It will be interesting to see where and how this game develops over time.

If anything - Astroneer will always be a great resource for video game UI inspiration.

Astroneer Logo

If you’re interested in Astroneer, it’s currently only $19.99 USD for early access on both PC and Xbox One.

November 28, 2016

Herman Miller in NYC

Herman Miller

I’m a sucker for gorgeous storefronts and Herman Miller’s flagship location in NYC is no exception.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Check out the whole overview (with more pictures): Design-Milk

October 19, 2016

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite


As a huge fan of the manga series Berserk by Kentaro Miura, I’m always interested in how this medium can be viewed digitally. The Kindle always seemed like a good way to read your collection of manga, but storage space and loading speeds proved problematic - until now.

Amazon has released the Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model’ which ships with 32GB of storage (can hold up to 700 manga) and boosts the page turning speed by 33%. Even if you’re not a fan of manga or comics, you have to admit this is an impressive product for only $157(USD). Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan.

I will be patiently waiting until it releases to North America.

Kindle Paperwhite

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