Unsolicited Design Review - Dropbox October 10, 2017


Earlier last week the design team at Dropbox unveiled their new branding / design system for the company as a whole. If you haven’t seen the updated design yet, you can do so here: dropbox.design (Take your time, I can wait).

I won’t mince words when I say I believe this is a huge step backwards for their brand. Not only is it uninspired and broken, but it also shows how our industry is plagued with a need to redesign things just for the sake of redesigning them.

So without anymore fluff - let’s get into it. Please leave your bias at the door.

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Goodbye CSS Preprocessors August 7, 2017

I’ve been using preprocessors across all my side projects since they first popped onto the scene. Sass, Stylus, LESS — you name the CSS preprocessor and I’ve most likely used it because CSS preprocessors are awesome.

But that all changes moving forward. I’m going back to basics with CSS. Straight vanilla, man.

Why? (and who cares?)

Let’s start by breaking down the main positives about preprocessors:

All of these features are great and I completely understand the draw (I was also sucked into the hype) - but now let’s see the negatives.

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Designers Need Thicker Skin July 10, 2017

I’m not normally one to comment or even really care about “drama” within our design industry. Opinions are just that and should just be consumed at face value. But this week I was moderately annoyed with a subset of designers in design-land.

Designer/design critic Eli Schiff tweeted his thoughts about the newly released promo video from Framer showcasing their new gradient feature. See the initial tweet below:

Eli's Tweet
Eli Schiff just telling it how it is.

Let me begin by saying my views on this comment: I don’t care. I honestly don’t feel strongly one way or the other about them making a video promo for gradients. Could it have just been a simple text tweet? Sure. Does it really matter that they decided to make a video for it? Not at all.

But this isn’t the problem.

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You Should Be Using Date & Time Inputs June 22, 2017

By doing the following, you instantly add support for date and time pickers on all (well mostly all) devices and operating systems:

<input type="time" placeholder="12:00am" />

<input type="date" placeholder="2016-10-10" />

One small caveat

The one issue you may notice with this approach is that the input placeholder attributes are no longer visible. This is sad indeed. Thankfully there is a workaround!

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