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I’ve been working out at my company’s gym for over a year now and been pretty satisfied with the results. But like most workout sets you need to change it up once your body has become immune to the routine. So I started looking into some more intense workouts focused on body definition.

After Googling for little while, I saw a lot of workout sites and forum topics mentioning bodyweight-only workouts for achieving the best’ results in definition training. I had previously played around with bodyweight-only training but never found a solid routine and stuck with it. So, last Monday I downloaded this pretty cool workout app called QuickFit by Tiny Hearts.

7 minute workout (kind of)

The premise behind this app is having the ability to squeeze in a 7 minute full body workout without the need for any gym equipment. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first when I saw the initial tagline:

7 minutes is all it takes to get in shape with this scientifically proven, full body workout.

but after running through the routine for 1 week I’m pretty comfortable with the workout sets and looking forward to seeing the progress after a few months. Also, they aren’t lying when they say scientifically proven’ - take a look at the article for the full details.

Customize it

Now I should mention that I do this 7 minute workout 3 times a day (two in the morning, one before dinner), plus the 4 minute abdomen routine (after dinner) so I might not have the average experience of other users using this app. That being said, I’ll probably do a follow-up to my progress in a couple months to see if this concept truly works.

So if you’re looking to start a workout routine for the first time, need to switch up your current routine or can’t seem to find the time to fit a full gym visit into your schedule - check out QuickFit (or any other 7 minute workout apps - there are plenty to choose from). No excuses!

Published on May 15, 2017.

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