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What do you do?

The short answer: I design things.

The long answer: I do product design, UI/UX design, front end code, and illustration. I write articles for fun - but by no means do I consider myself a writer. 😅

What led you into design?

When I was fairly young I was heavily involved in producing digital music (using good ol’ Fruity Loops - now FL Studio) and soon realized I wanted a website to showcase my work. So I started dissecting some of my favourite websites and reading a ton of books on design, basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, and even some PHP.

Print or any ‘static’ design always came easy to me, but once I was able to truly appreciate the medium of the web - I never looked back.

Describe your working environment

At the office I use a 2015 MacBook Pro with a magic keyboard & mouse all stacked up on an Ikea Bekant with a Roost Stand. I try to spend at least most of the day standing.

At home I keep things simple with my 2011 MacBook Air (still going strong) and a StandStand. Less is more, right?

What’s your design process?

It depends. I never really think about the process once I start it - I mostly just start it. Doing as much research as possible beforehand is key to most successful designs (unless you happen to get lucky), so I try to squeeze out as much as I can. After that, the best approach is to constantly view the product - whatever it may be - from the end users’ perspective. You may think something is valid because it’s pretty - but practicality should always win.

What apps do you use when designing?

I use Sketch for roughly 90% of my design work. Photoshop and Illustrator are used for everything else.

For front end work I use Sublime Text Atom and iTerm2 Hyper. Keep it simple.

More questions?

Email me or reach out on Twitter.

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