01 / Blogging with Blot

I came across this incredibly beautiful and simple blog’ platform today and it’s name is Blot. And yes - I’m using it for my site.

Why the switch?

I’ve been looking to update my personal site for some time now, and getting back into writing (poorly might I add) was something I wanted at the forefront. But every time I thought about what platform I’d develop with - I would spiral into depression. So I decided to make a simple list of what I needed for my site:

  1. An easy way for me to post anything
  2. No database management
  3. Simple templates/theme design
  4. RSS feed
  5. Search function (bonus)
  6. Low cost

What Blot offers:

  1. Simple Dropbox folder integration (drag and drop posting)
  2. No database
  3. Easy to customize styling
  4. RSS feed
  5. Search function
  6. $20 a year

Writing inspiration returns

Blot has actually made the process of getting back into writing much easier since I can remove all the headaches of syncing/git-pushing with Jekyll or massive/clunky CMS systems like WordPress. This could be start of something great (or in my case fairly decent).

Published on August 23, 2016.

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