Bradley Taunt
UI & UX Developer

Building fast and accessible products for the web

I'm a UI & UX developer passionate about performance and accessibility across the web.

Web Audit

A simplified and easy-to-use item checklist to audit your websites.


A tiny CSS plugin to make your web forms beautiful again (Only 6KB).


Web app that gives you the ability to create a Dribbble portfolio for free.

Remote Design Jobs

A weekly newsletter of remote design jobs directly in your inbox.

TypeSafe CSS

Minimal CSS file for styling headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, list items, tables, & code highlights.

Vanilla CSS

Vanilla CSS is a minimal baseline stylesheet for any web project. It includes a basic reset and default styling for all HTML5 elements.

ET-Jekyll Theme

Based off of Dave Liepmann's Tufte CSS - which takes it's style and inspiration from the book and handout designs of Edward Tufte.

CSS Graphs

A collection of pure CSS graphs with a graceful mobile fallback. Inspired by the data design concepts advocated by Edward Tufte.