Bradley Taunt

Hello! I'm Bradley Taunt and I'm a software designer from Ottawa. I'm passionate about building modular CSS, improving UI accessibility, promoting open source software, and optimizing web performance.

Currently the Senior Product Designer at Benbria.

Latest Work


Benched allows users to create, publish and host their own website portfolios based on their Dribbble account shots.

Built using the Dribbble APIv2, minimal CSS & vanilla JavaScript.


Normform is a simple CSS plugin that removes the headache of dealing with default browser form designs.

Built using CSS and HTML5 form structure.

Vanilla CSS

Vanilla CSS is a minimal baseline stylesheet for any web project. It includes a basic reset and default styling for all HTML5 elements.

Built with CSS & HTML5 structure.


ET-Jekyll is a Jekyll theme based off of Dave Liepmann’s Tufte CSS, which takes it’s style and inspiration from the wonderful book and handout designs of Edward Tufte.

Built with Jekyll, Sass, Tufte CSS.

Eleventy Taunt

Eleventy Taunt is an 11ty portfolio / blog hybrid theme for designers & developers.

Built with Eleventy, Nunjucks and vanilla CSS.

Data 11ty

Data 11ty is an 11ty theme designed for reporting & data-visualization.

Built with Eleventy, Prismjs and Chartjs.

Stacks 11ty

Stacks 11ty is a playful 11ty theme with a content-first approach focused on clear and minimal typography.

Built with Eleventy and vanilla JavaScript.

Logo Gives

Logo Gives is a growing collection of minimal open source logos to use without restriction for personal and commercial projects.

Built with HTML, CSS and Sketch.

CSS Graphs

CSS Graphs is a collection of pure CSS graphs with a graceful mobile fallback. Inspired by the data design concepts advocated by Edward Tufte.

Built with CSS.