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Yes, I still use jQuery

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I've seen a handful of condescending comments from front-end developers since the newest build of jQuery (3.4.0) released a couple of days ago. While I understand not all developers share the same work-style or are using the same tech-stack, dismissive comments towards any useful library comes off as entitled or elitist.

  • "Why would you use jQuery nowadays?"
  • "People are still developing this library?"
  • "Why use jQuery when you can use [insert latest trendy web tech here]".

I still use jQuery. Well, I may not use the library for all projects since every project is different - but I certainly don't avoid using it solely because "its jQuery". I've always believed in using the best tools for the job.

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Simple Does Not Mean Ugly

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I see new blog posts popping up now and again advocating for designers to keep their products as simple as possible - and I couldn’t agree more. A lot of designers tend to think they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to UI concepts that are standard defaults and expected by most users. Not only does this add extra work for your design and development cycles, but also increases the potential of frustration for your users when they are using your product.

Your job as a designer is to focus on the user experience journey and understand what those users expect to happen - not what you want to happen. This is a very delicate balance of design “give and take”, hence why simple designs always seem to work best.

But simple does not mean “ugly”.

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Taking Notes

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So I’ve updated my personal blog - again. I find myself redesigning or even just restructuring this site more frequently than any other open source project I have on the go. Fingers crossed that this time it sticks.

I’ve always been a fan of the simple design used on Sam Soffes’s blog, so at first I thought about replicating it with my own build and design system. Then I realized what a waste of time that would be since his blog was already so close to how I wanted mine and open source. The final push to use his blog system was when I saw how he was generating and pulling in his blog posts - which I now replicate as well:

  • All my blog posts are stored in a separate repo
  • This site pulls in the latest posts using a simple rake command
  • Therefore my posts aren’t linked or dependent on the blog platform I decide to use (freedom!)

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