Front-end devsigner

I'm Bradley Taunt, a designer/developer hybrid, and this is my personal blog.

I work as the Senior Product Designer at Benbria in Ottawa. My passion lies in building reusable and maintainable CSS, with a focus on accessibility and web performance. Articles written on this site are a reflection of that passion.

Side Projects

Web Audit
A simplified and easy-to-use item checklist to audit your website for proper formatting, performance, accessibility, and security standards.
A tiny CSS plugin to make your web forms beautiful again (Only 6KB).
Remote Design Jobs
A weekly newsletter of remote design jobs directly in your inbox.
Web app that gives you the ability to create a Dribbble portfolio for free.
Vanilla CSS
Vanilla CSS is a minimal baseline stylesheet for any web project. It includes a basic reset and default styling for all HTML5 elements.


Some fun facts about the site include:

  • Built on Jekyll
  • Developed on GitHub and hosted for free on Netlify
  • Coded with VS Code
  • Typefaces used:
    • Inter for main copy
    • Georgia for quotes and information blocks

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter. Interested in some of my open source projects? Check out my repos. Want to work together? Email me.