Bradley Taunt

Try getting into a routine

Dec 20, 2017

At 5.00am my eyes shoot open.
I’m almost always well-rested and ready to start my day.

I cook a full breakfast of eggs, bacon / sausages, keto coffee while spending some quality time with my wife.

Is it a Monday, Wednesday or Friday?
If yes, get to the office early and hit the gym. 5x5 Stronglifts for life.

Just after 8.00am I’m at my standing desk diving head first into emails before tackling the day’s design work.

At 10.30am it’s time for a snack break - maybe a decaf coffee as well.

Lunch time generally falls around 12.00pm. I eat and step away from my computer to take a break from all things digital.

I’m back into the thick-of-things by 1.00pm and continue working until I need another snack break around 2.30pm.

I work until roughly 4.00pm, when I call it a day and head home to spend the evening with my wife. We enjoy dinner together, watch some television and relax before bed.

What’s in a routine?

I’m not sure why giving yourself a steady routine has become somewhat of a faux pas in the design industry, but I think it keeps you consistent in your work-life balance.

It works well for me. Maybe a routine could work well for you too.

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