Jekyll Consultant

I'm available to help with Jekyll design, development and support for tech companies. Stop wasting valuable engineering time on your static websites.

I can handle Jekyll development for your company, without the need of your business sweating the big details. I'll communicate directly with your marketing and development teams to complete tasks efficiently fast - allowing you to allocate your main resources to more important issues.

I'm also more than just a "coder" or "designer". I understand marketing pain points like SEO, analytics, proper CTA visuals, user experience design, and content marketing. Jekyll (or any static site generator) can be a incredible asset for any business - so long as it's handled properly.

Let's Work Together

Who am I and how can I help?

I'm Brad, a dev-signer (designer / developer hybrid) and software consultant from Canada. I've been building websites and mobile apps for over 10 years with a focus on static site generators - namely Jekyll.

I've been using Jekyll since it's initial release (more than 5 years!) and absolutely love it. Custom theme design, plugin integration, performance audits, accessibility improvements, and ecommerce support are just a few services I can provide your team.

I'm passionate about keeping websites as useable and simple as possible. I find that most businesses don't need massive hosting solutions with incredibly complex databases to manage their marketing websites. Static site generators give you amazing flexibility with the added benefit of pure customization and unmatched security (your database can't get hacked when it doesn't exist!).

Want help with Jekyll?

  • Need a new page designed and implemented? I've got you covered.
  • Want a performance boost on your current Jekyll site? No problem!
  • Need someone just to manage your content updates? I can help!
  • Looking for a complete static site developed from scratch? Let's talk!

Not using Jekyll? No problem.

I'm also highly skilled with these other extremely popular static site generators:

Gatsby, 11ty, Hugo, and Pelican - just to name a few.

Let's Work Together