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Open source typeface pairings

I always love finding new typeface pairings to use across my personal and client projects, but I find many suggested pairings come with a hefty price tag (rightly so - premium typefaces are normally always worth their cost).

So, I’ve curated this personal list of 5 exceptionally beautiful typeface pairings that will cost you absolutely nothing. Open source FTW.

ET-Book & Gill Sans

Download: ET Book, Gill Sans

ET Book Gill Sans ET-Book & Gill Sans are based off the font pairings of my personal Jekyll theme: ET-Jekyll Theme.

Playfair Display & Roboto

Download: Playfair Display, Roboto

Playfair Display Roboto Playfair Display & Roboto I find work really well for microblogs or short essay format posts.

Karma & Open Sans

Download: Karma, Open Sans

Karma Open Sans Karma & Open Sans give readers a little more breathing room between characters. Good choice if trying to keep accessibility in mind.

Libre Baskerville & Oswald

Download: Libre Baskerville, Oswald

Libre Baskerville Oswald Libre Baskerville & Oswald oozes character and takes inspiration from a more print-based medium.

Fanwood & League Spartan

Download: Fanwood, League Spartan

Fanwood League Spartan Fanwood & League Spartan paired together allow the main content to be easily readable, while the headers instantly grab the user's attention.

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