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Taking Notes

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So I’ve updated my personal blog - again. I find myself redesigning or even just restructuring this site more frequently than any other open source project I have on the go. Fingers crossed that this time it sticks.

Thank you, Sam

I’ve always been a fan of the simple design used on Sam Soffes’s blog, so at first I thought about replicating it with my own build and design system. Then I realized what a waste of time that would be since his blog was already so close to how I wanted mine and open source. The final push to use his blog system was when I saw how he was generating and pulling in his blog posts - which I now replicate as well:

  • All my blog posts are stored in a separate repo
  • This site pulls in the latest posts using a simple rake command
  • Therefore my posts aren’t linked or dependent on the blog platform I decide to use (freedom!)

So, is this a portfolio?

Since almost all of my day-to-day work can’t be shared and promoted it doesn’t make much sense to have what is considered a “normal” portfolio. Instead, I intend to use this website as more of a jump-off point to my other places on the web (Github, Dribbble, Twitter, etc.). Platforms like Github and Dribbble will still be the best place to follow all my personal projects and design experiments.

Is this a blog?

Yes and no. I like to think of this website as a collection of notes or thoughts on everything and anything. The concept that this “blog” doesn’t need to have a specific focus is kind of freeing. I already have a blog focused on design and development, so my goal isn't to just repeat that same type of content here (though I can't promise that it won't happen now and again).

So that’s really it. Hopefully I can keep the quality of both Accssible and this personal blog at the same high standard I set for myself. Thanks for reading and new posts will be coming soon!

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